Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Structure into Pink and Blue - Work in Progress

I am behind on posting what I’ve been working on.  That never happens.

Here are some photographs of a work in progress.  Working again in a hallway; there is just something about those spaces.  Availability of the space does play its part, as well as the constant flow of traffic, which adds content to the work and gives constant readings to the work.

This installation uses signwriting vinyl, acrylic paint pens and acrylic paint.  It has been challenging to work with such a large piece of vinyl.  Application had its problems, wrestling with the vinyl that wanted to curl and stick to everything.  As well as not being able to stand back and look at placement as I applied it made it hard.  I had tacked it in place before I started peeling off the backing, so I was reasonably sure of the placement as I was applying it.

A ‘happy accident’ presented itself while I was painting it in.  I ran out of blue house paint.  When I ordered more to be mixed and returned to the painting, I found it had been mixed a little darker than the sample and darker than what I had painted in.  I considered painting over all the blue of the shape again in the darker blue, but settled on just covering what I had to and making another shape of random brush marks.  It adds more depth and, I think, adds more questions about what space the work takes up.

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