Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Installing Exhibition: Dimensions of Space

The day had arrived.  The sun rose, just like any other day, but on this day I loaded up the car and hi-tailed it to the gallery to start installing my exhibition. What's more daunting than a blank white canvas?  A white empty room when you have people coming in 36 hours expecting art and refreshments. 

I remembered the overwhelming feeling of white from last time and knew not to be too put off by it.  The secret seems to be, just put all your stuff in the centre of the room and get cracking.  It was much more exciting than last time actually.  I feel much further along than I was back then, and more confident in the work I'm making now.  Yet, I digress...

Here are a few pictures of the work 'in pieces'.

I planned this work to cover a certain amount of the wall.  But during the process, I realised I needed to go further around the corner.  Thus omitting work I had planned to do.  Oh well, that happens.  In doing so, I didn't anticipate how much longer it would take me to work on something double the size.  It took me pretty much the full two days to complete the work.  Including looking time.

I worked alone, although by halfway through I wished I had someone to help me.  They would have needed to be able to read my mind, and I didn't think that would be a possible achievement in the space of two days. 

The length of time it took to install the work enabled me to ponder the various elements and because of this, I added another shade of grey and some other shapes, which I think just finish it off nicely.

Pics of the finished product to come...

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