Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exhibition Prep: Bits and Pieces

Squee!  I am super excited about my exhibition, Dimensions of Space, and it opens in just 3 days!  Not nervous.  Just a touch of the ol' racing-mind, trying to get all the ducks in a row in my head.  And lists!  Oh, the lists I have.

Look!  It's my postcards.

Have been passing these around, shamelessly self promoting myself.  I'm sure I'd have given you one, if I'd seen you.  But do make sure you come along.

I'm also listed in the latest national Art Almanac.  (As 'Noami', but I'm sure I'll get over it) 

I have been looking at my lists and checking them twice (groan), and I think I'm practically ready.  Just a few bits and pieces to pick up, a tin of paint here and a roll of tape there, and I'll be ready to start installing.  I anticipate it will be a pretty labour intensive couple of days.  Of the four artworks in the show, three don't yet exist - I'll be installing them Monday/Tuesday.

And in breaking news - I have decided to scratch one work, in favour of another.  Was reviewing photos of a corner of the gallery that has been causing me concern.  I just don't think what I planned is going to work in that space.  So, I have decided to make an all new work, that's never seen the light of day before.  Site specific, with colours I have been working on.

It appears I'm a bit of a colourist.  I play with colour in my journal, check site and go back to my journal, long before putting paint to wall.  But I also work intuitively, decide what should be added as I go - I don't plan it all out ahead of time.

Detail is minimal in the picture, but that's a flat aqua house paint, watercolour and wood-grain-look vinyl.

So now you've had a sneak peak.  Come along and see what it morphs into in the 'flesh'.

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