Monday, February 6, 2012

Undulating Space, now in super-exciting object form

I have returned.  Why hello there!

I had a peculiar thought this morning.  What happens when I get sick of geometric shapes and bright colours? It puzzled me for a moment.  Then I went into my studio and got right stuck in.  I don't think getting sick of geometric shapes and colours will happen any time soon.

So permit me, if you will, to share a work in progress. 

Since I began painting shapes butted up against each other on canvas, depicting the presence of undulating space, I have day dreamed about making those shapes into an object.  But for many months, I haven't quite known how.  Perhaps it wasn't so very hard, I just had to try it out.  'Learn by doing'. 

 (c) 2012 Naomi Nicholls, documentation of work in progress
Cardboard, enamel paint, muslin

The beautiful thing about working with this object is its kinetic properties.  Once made, it lays flat.  But pull at any shape in the object and it forms an almost mountainous contour, with each facet aligning to support the higher peaks.  Quite fascinating to play with.

Here I have worked with pretty lowly materials: cardboard, spray paint and muslin.  But it's a wonderful starting point.  Now my next task is to investigate other materials.  I love the gloss of the enamel paint though.   My plan is to take it out into the street and photograph it in some secret spots.  But the weather has not recently been cooperative.  Soon.

Will also look into some other colour possibilities.  This one I've made in this beautiful orange, but as with the Nebulous paintings on canvas, maybe two or three colours would be good.  I'd also love to scale up.  Busy busy.

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