Monday, November 14, 2011

Shapes in the alley

Here are some results from a brief photo shoot in a nearby alleyway.  I rather like alleyways.  Abandoned non-spaces.  There always such lovely colours and textures there.  It's a funny space too, because although I think it's probably public space (for local traffic) and it's perfectly okay for me to be in there, it still feels a bit odd.  Almost private land, but not quite.

I acquired another box.  Mozel tov.  And I have a paintbrush just the right length to be able to fit inside and plaint shapes.  I think I will leave them white.  Love how the shapes are more hidden in this work.  And they are starting to detatch from each other.

This little number is making a comeback, after featuring in this earlier installation.  I think it's interesting what happens if I start to play with shapes and lines on a polygon and mess around with perspective.  This may end up a larger work, with a number of polygons.

Here lies the finished Brown Cube.  As usual acrlyic paint posed some difficulties to me.  It's just as well I like the painterly look.  But something else which effected colour quite a bit, was the fact that the base was white.  Next time, I think I'd start with a base of yellow or something else, and then paint the transparent colours over the top.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brown cube, sorta - WIP

The summer approaches, and I am studioless.  Well, I am studioless, in that I don't have a lovely flat white wall that I'm allowed to do art upon.  I am limited to what I can do at home, until I get a new studio next year when uni returns.  But, these contraints can often lead to developments in work, so I will just have to evolve.

In thinking about how I will miss my 'white cube' of a studio, I thought about other cubes and came to cardboard boxes.

And the shapes continue, for starters in white gesso.  I plan for bright colours, but of course I need a white undercoat.  Documenting this was just a thought... might lead to some white-only works.  The white is rather pleasing against the brown of the box.  But we shall see.  Colour to come, anyway.