Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Installation WIP

I'm working on another installation in my studio at present.  Colour blocks of blue, green and pink.  I also have a template for a box on the wall in metalic green contact.  It's been an interesting medium to work with.  I have to cut the strips myself, which is a bit more fiddly than just using a roll of electrical tape.  But it does give more flexibility than electrical tape, as I can easly make thinner strips.

I have a bit of a thing for line drawings, like those for box templates.  I have been printing them off and dreaming of putting them on walls, around corners and suck.  Ooo!!  I must spend some time making one on a convex corner.  I can perhaps commandeer such a corner in the hallway at the studios and try that out.  Putting a box template around a corner like that would be quite the thing! :)

The shapes for the shapes have again come from the sensor pads in the road.  Love looking as them as I walk to/from the train.  There's some great ones of La Trobe St in the city that I just adore.  They have more lines.  Perhaps they will appear in a later work.

Have some more sitting and looking to do on this installation, which is a bit challenging, with only 4 weeks until assessment.  I feel like I have to be in a bit of a hurry to get a few more works done.  However, these types of works take a long time.  I will just keep plodding away.

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