Thursday, August 25, 2011

It was just a line drawing and now it's a big thing on my wall

I am continually surprised by how everything in art I think I'm just not going to do, I end up doing.  It's happened over and over.  This weeks contradiction appears to be 'I'm rubbish at drawing, drawing will never play a part in my practice'.  Yet here we are.  My drawings are becoming more and more important in my working process.  This started with a little pencil drawing in my journal which is pretty unstartling, but I was fond of the shapes (the black lines in this piece).

A couple of side views.

I love working into the corner.  It helps with the content of the work (space).

This time I got myself a small roller to apply some more 'painterly' layers to the work (ie: the grey area), as I wanted to try something other than straight lines everywhere.  I think it's effective.  And want to do more more more.

This work is made up of acrylic paint, electrical tape and wool.  A new experience this time 'round, was painting wool.  It may not be clear on the other photos, but half of the strands of wool is painted blue (as above).  Painting wool has a bit of a skill to it.  Had to gesso it first to get the nice bright colour I wanted.  And you can't use a paintbrush, oh no.  You have to get in there and twist the paint into the fibres with your fingers.  Ended up a great element to add to the work though, so it was worth it.

Something I didn't notice when I was working on it, it's rather small.  It's been difficult to start thinking bigger.  I thought this was big when I was working up close, but stepping back, it's really not.  Next time, I'm challenging myself to use the whole of the space available to me.  We'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, I have to paint it out again :(

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