Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Collaborative artwork

This is the collaborative piece I am working on at uni - it's part of a mock exhibition we're putting on.  Feeling there was no common thread through the existing work of our group (8), we decided to make a new work, a collaborative piece. 

We started out with a geometric shape. the outlines of a folded work and 4 colours; green, pink, yellow and blue.  The shape was drawn directly onto the wall and around a couple of corners.  Each person was to collage into the shape in the colours alotted to that part of that shape.  No particular colour or area was alotted to the participants - basically it was a free for all and everyone had to be pretty flexible about the possibility of part of your work being collaged on to or over when we were bringing it all together.  It was a fun installation.


Side view.


There is a lot of stuff going on in this work and there is no hierarchy, so the eye just goes 'round and 'round trying to take in the work.  I need to get some more photos, but this gives a bit of an idea.

Another interesting thing that happens: this is installed in a hallway about 1.5m wide, and because it's quite high, it pushes people back against the other wall as they try to take it all in. 

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