Monday, June 27, 2011

A revisit

In the past week, I have been preparing Fold Left, Fold Right to deliver to the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery ready for the exhibition.  It required some creative hanging hardware, since it is not mean to be a framed piece, and the reflection of the colour on the back on the wall behind is meant to be part of the work.  In playing around with this work again, I started thinking about other directions I could go.  I kind of moved on a little bit from those works a few months ago, although I did revisit slightly in the Russian Constructivist Carnival.  But I'm back to it!  It's nice to work is something familiar but head in another direction.  The results are above.

This is a similar scale to the other works.  This one is approx 50cm x 50cm.  I want to scale down and look at making some more the scale of the Russian Constructivist Carnival, but fit them together to make a larger work.  We'll see how that goes.  More to some on these, methinks.

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