Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weather permitting

It has taken me over 2 weeks waiting for agreeable weather in which to put this installation together.  Ah, the great outdoors.  I barely managed it today as it started raining lightly when I was about to start photographing.  But I am happy to report that I got it done.  Hurrah.

I'm pleased with how the colour of the fragments really glow in this space and in this light.  I really like how it sits, colourwise, with the autumn leaves in the background.  The wind blew up sometimes, which made the fragments dance - a nice dimension to the work.  Have made a short video of that, which I might post later.

With the photos taken from below, the brightness of the sky made the colours of the fragments really dim.  So I tried the flash, and was delighted to find it made the colours sing (and darkened the sky). 

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