Thursday, May 12, 2011

Piecing things together...

In an effort to keep art supplies from putting me in the poor house last week, I decided to reuse some canvases as part of a large work which fits tightly together on the wall.  I wanted to show the folded fragments with the painting itself fragmented by the canvases its painted on.  Here are the WIP photos...

I started with a pink underpainting - I don't know what possessed me!

 So that was soon changed.  It pops much more now.

The sides of one reused canvas had a bright green edge.  
It really activated the colour colours in the work, so I repainted all sides the same bright green.

And here we are at it's current stage.  More layers are needed I think, but I must remember to be careful not to darken it too much with my adding of layers.  Perhaps I'll have a crack at adding luminous bright yellows etc to brighten it a little, instead of just adding darks.

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