Monday, May 16, 2011

Kaleidoscope WIP

I have been looking at the kaleidoscope photographs and loving the colours.  I love to see things in paint though, because I can imagine how the paint will blend nicely and make the lovely subtle colour gradations.  And I imagine what it will feel like with brush-in-hand as I do the blending.  What a happy thought indeed.  Anyway, here is a work in progress.

I rather like how it's come out, but I would like to add some other elements outside the canvas.  So it's somewhere between installation and painting on canvas.  I'm thinking about making a cardboard pyramid, painted with the same pattern to mount on the wall above.

Perhaps not unlike what I've dodge'd-up here in photoshop...

I'll have to do it to find out.  Hmmm, oil sketch paper or canvas boards, do you think...?

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