Thursday, May 26, 2011

Documentation catch up

Today I did a mini-photo shoot - the installation shots of a few paintings.  Nice to catch up on these things.

Over Easter this year I made these paintings.  They relate to some of the work I was doing about 6 months ago with the folded paper.  Here it hangs on the wall from to points at the top and gravity is sort of dragging on it, making each corrugation different.

These are not folded, but series of three.  I painted these as a response to some of the work of Anni Albers.  She was part of the Bauhaus movement in the early 20th century.

These are works I have done in the past two weeks.  I painted the one with the pink background first, and had it leaning against a wall behind the easle as I started the second painting.  As I worked on the second, I realised they two had a relationship to eachother.  They are friends.  So I wanted to try photographing them together to see what they would do.


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