Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm getting really interested in how these bright colours I'm using play off one another.  For another painting based on the Kaleidoscope photographs, I went for a bright pink  underpainting.  I'd used a red underpainting with another Kaleidoscope painting, and liked the way it warmed up the grey tones (although that's not really visible in the photo).

While I was painting the work, I noticed how the gaps between the grey sectors really activated the the grey.  And there was a sense of moving behind and before of the grey blobs.  I didn't plan to copy the kaleidoscope photos completely, so that gave me freedom to paint a little and look a little... to see what happened during the process.  But leaving the bright underpainting exposed, it reallymakes the rest of the painting floaty.  Yay, something new to explore.  More to come on this, I'm sure...

(A little disappointing that the brightness doesn't come across in the photograph...)

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