Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some oil painting

I spend most of my time painting in acrylics.  Which dries fast and washes up easily with soap and water.  And when I find myself getting frustrated with my painting skills, I usually forget that some of the frustration could be taken away if I switched to oils now and then.  Blending is heaven in oils, because they stay wet for so long in comparison to acrylics. 

Oils have their bothersome-ness too.  If you're doing lots of transparent layers, the drying time can seem to take forever.  And clean up is a bit of a pain - need solvent and lots of newspaper.

Aaaaannyway, I have been working on a couple of paintings over the past few days.  Working alternately on them and lots of layers of glaze.

 This one is a painting of my little abstract eggs.

This one is a painting of a painting that I folded.  Yes.

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