Monday, April 4, 2011

Eggs in the corner

I had a feedback tute last week and presented two "eggs" strung up in the corner.  They were kind of dwarved by it, but I kind of liked that.  Here they are the way I set them up in the tute.

They're sort of quiet, and you peak inside.  I like that.  I put them in place with fishing line.  But I think I'll use cotton next time.  So you can properly see the cotton and that there's a definite sense of them being tethered there, tension and being tied.  Ooo this is arty.  <3

 I'm not totally sure about their scale in the corner.  They should perhaps be bigger, but that would effect their whole contruction.  They cotton staying taught relies on the resistance the paper is giving, I don't think that would work so well if they were bigger.  Mmm... things to ponder.

Here's my tute.  We present our work for critique. It can be really helpful or nerve-racking, or both.

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