Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back at Uni

It's marvellous to be back at uni.  My first week of second year was last week.  I have a new studio space and I'm into the work.

For our first project, we were told to start with collage and make some works that develop from collage.  I've never been a bit fan of collages.  Hate the cutting and pasting.  I like collages well enough, just not doing them myself.  However, I decided to incorporate some paperfolding, following on from the folding works I had been doing over the summer - and that piqued my interest a little more

I did a number of collages made out of printed material, to get the juices flowing, but I was wanting to get into paint and start using the ideas they collages brought up.

It's great fun to work this way.  I'm using oil sketch paper, which I've found to be much better than watercolour paper for folding.  And also for working with acrylic paint - as it's not porous.  I work up a layered background to create a bit of depth, and then put the shapes/lines over the top with a very flat paint (no painting medium).  After it's dry, I fold it up fairly randomly.

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