Friday, December 3, 2010

WIP - can't believe I'm going to cut this up

Today I was productive and able to work on a painting in my Change in the weather series.  (Yes, I think that's what I'll call this body of work - that's snappy, I like it). 

The first half:

Acrylic on paper

I have plans for this WIP (work in progress).  This is the first of two similar paintings. The second will be different clouds on a lighter sky/more forboding. The two paintings will then be cut into strips and woven together.

The only complication is that now I've spent 3 hours bent over this painting, I almost can't bear the thought of putting a pair of scissors to it... but, I think it will work. And one must do these things to find out, mustn't one!
Although it has been a struggle to hear my lecturer all year repeating "you have to do it to find out", I am now grateful that it echoes in my head.  Bless you Robin! :)

There's always more paint to be splattered, more paper to be splattered on - etc.

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  1. Hi Naomi
    I just saw this on "Wet Canvas" and decided to join your blog and follow your process.
    Quoting myself:
    "What you have done here is beautiful and there's no reason that what is to come will be any less. Experimentation is the road to growth. Get going and enjoy the process! Go where it leads you and see what developes.
    You are exactly right that it is just paint, paper and living life!"