Friday, December 3, 2010

First Site Exhibition - April 2011

At the end of October, I applied to have an exhibition at First Site in Melbourne.

Attention Please (installation view) - 2010, clothing & wire

On Monday this week I received advice that I have been selected!  EXCITEMENT!
The exhibition will take place in April next year (leading up to Easter) and will feature some of my work from I am woman hear me... do housework.  I'm so excited about it.  I've never had an exhibition before, so this will be quite the event.

I will have two days in install, a week and half on display, then a day to destroy take it all down.

During a class I took this year, I heard some really helpful advice from artist Katie Lee about the good things that can come out of having an exhibition.  Hearing, seeing people's responses to your work, taking work out of a studio space and seeing it in a gallery space, getting experience in the exhibition process, getting to know other artists and making gallery contacts, etc.  Katie also spends time in the exhibition space after hours (if she can) to make the most of the experience, which often leads to extending the work.  And that's something I'm looking forward to.

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