Sunday, November 7, 2010

Words of Wisdom

During a visit to an artist studio at uni last month, the artist was kind enough to offer the following advice to aspiring artists on how to bridge the gap to becoming a practicing professional artist.  Let me share in point form.

  • Friends and family are great for commissions, and will ease you into the art business.  Even if you don’t get paid, it’s great experience.
  • Use your contacts - friends with shops, galleries, other networks.
  • Never be afraid to ask for an opportunity or help.
  • Try out obscure avenues for funding and showing work.
  • Be visible: blog, website, publish, be involved in the community.
  • Set yourself briefs, set your own tasks and goals to complete.
  • Enter competitions, make relationships with galleries and suppliers.
  • Write about your work and “prepare a BBQ statement” – an explanation of your practice to a lay person.
  • Get work experience in the art community – both the good and the bad, as they are both valuable.
  • Have goals, plans, dreams – research and plan for them.

As my aspirations do fall into the pursuit of artist practice, I believe I will have a crack at following as much of this advice as is astute to do so.  Ready, GO!

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